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Montrade high tech electronic division


Montrade is one step ahead for the online product quality mapping thanks to the sensors made by ALMASENS, the high tech electronic division.


Almasens team has decades of experience in the development of electronic and microwave systems for various markets such as military, automotive, telecommunications, food, pharma and automation industries.


Almasens portfolio offers a wide set of customized sensors to track and trace the quality of the product flow.


The sensor accuracy and their top edge technology are supported by scientific methods and the collaboration with Universities and the CNR (National Research Center).



Quality Control Systems


The ideal partner for the industry 4.0.


All our sensors are powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Discover AlmaSens solutions for the tobacco industry!

Diameter, Ovality, Visual Quality Rotating Sensor

Diameter, Ovality, Visual Quality Rotating Sensor

Unique online rod continuous inspection for diameter, ovality and visual check.


The laser beam and the camera rotate all around the rod checking the entire surface of the rod.


Wireless transmission both for power supply and data; high tech, no wearing and easy maintenance.

MWI Microwave Density Sensor

MWI Microwave Density Sensor

High-frequency microwave sensor, capable to inspect any rod type.


The MWI sensor inspects the density and reports the online quality parameters for an accurate reading of:
density, moisture, glue, triacetin, flavour, materials, capsule integrity, material splice, segment sequence and their identity, plug length, cavity, etc.


The most accurate microwave sensor in the market, for the retrofit on any rod maker or combiner.

Flat Microwave sensor for band materials

Flat Microwave sensor for band materials

Plane microwave sensor capable to inspect any type of material web.

The sensor detects the linear density and/or moisture variation along with the band.


Common applications are:

- paper moisture/density

- humidity or flavour presence in recon tobacco

- glue presence/quantity on the plug paper

- triacetin quantity in tow

Cigarette's Capsule Filter Sensor
Cigarette's Capsule Filter Sensor

An innovative online check of flavour capsules inside cigarette filter while they are carried by drums in filter tipping section of cigarette maker; this special system is fully invented, designed and developed by Montrade.


The inspector can detect capsules' presence, position and integrity.


The sensor can be retrofit on the filter tipping section of any cigarette maker on one of the drums after the tip attachment stage.

Snus Single-Pouch Weight Sensor
Snus Single-Pouch Weight Sensor

Online contactless check for any kind of product conveyed on tape/belt/chain (pouches, capsules, cartridges, etc.) for single product reject.


Special application for snus pouch that can be retrofit on any snus maker to check the weight and/or the moisture of each pouch with max precision.