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Montrade fin-seal packer to make a sealed bundle.

Available as a free-standing module to be linked to an existing packer or as a complete packing line.

The machine can manage different materials and pack styles, from the premium reclosable bundle type with the label to an eco-friendly sealed pack made only of paper-based materials.

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The most compact and convenient machine for the hermetically sealed pack.

The product


The packer for flow-pack style from 1s to 20s.


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Fast and fit machine for cigarettes in flow-pack.

The product

Packer machine for cigarettes in a tin. Flexible to large formats (e.g. 100 cigs) and to different can shapes. Several optional to customise the product, like coupon insert.

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A special platform for a different packaging style.

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Robust and efficient case-packer, suitable for the widest range of case sizes as used in the cigarette and cigar industry.

Easy and quick conversion, to a new format in very few minutes.

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Utmost Flexibility to change the case format.