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Mono NWA

Filter rod maker for NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters. NWA are monoacetate filters without paper, made of tow and triacetin only.

nonwrapped acetate filters

Montrade Mono NWA maker has been the game-changer in the history of NWA filter production, being the unique and innovative machine to make top-level quality NWA and Hollow Acetate Tubes (HAT); ultraslim 0.5 mm wall thickness for premium products.

The product: Fine HAT

The product: Full NWA, HAT and NWA with Thread

The product: Coloured and Shaped HAT
RF Online Curing

Online drying system based on RF technology. Ideal for monoacetate, NWA, HAT and paper straw. Immediate curing of the product, ready for the downstream process.

nonwrapped acetate filters

Accelerate the process, optimise the logistics and minimise the losses.