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IST Tobacco

Recon tobacco rod maker. The most efficient solution to create tobacco-based sticks for heated tobacco products. The IST can process the CLT bobbin to make a rod wrapped with paper or other materials.

new generation reduced risk products

The ultimate platform for your new generation products.

The product

Combi NGP

Multi-segment rod combiner for HNB. A modular and flexible platform to produce any kind of combination segments starting from base rods, including capsules, granules and paper print registration. Layout up to 4 hoppers. Thanks to the innovative technology patented by Montrade based on positive wheels, it gets easier to combine segments of any type of material and to change easily the product configuration and size. 

new generation reduced risk products

Make the future of your reduced-risk product by going beyond any limits.

The product
HNB Stick Splitter

Simple and effective module to cut in half the double combined stick to make the final THP product.

new generation reduced risk products

Compact unit, great product.