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Upgrading Kits and Rebuilding for G.D Packing Machines

Based in Bologna city, our technical team has years of former experience in G.D technical department and assembly shop.

The alternative supplier for clients that are looking for flexible and tailored solutions:

  • Rebuilding
  • Electrical Upgrade to Beckhoff
  • Special formats (even out of range)
  • Size change kits
  • Upgrading (Stamper, Print Registration, Adjustable PP Wrapping Wheel, Single Pack Heating Tunnel, Naked Wrap Kit., etc)
  • Spare parts
for your existing machines

An Example

Upgrading Kits and Rebuilding for HAUNI Filter Making Machines

Thanks to the extensive experience of our engineers in any filter maker, in particular Huni machines, we have the knowledge and capability to perform the following activities on your existing KDF:

  • Rebuilding
  • Upgrade to E-generation
  • Electric conversion
  • Upgrading (Flavor Application, Paper Embossing kit (CPF), Capsule, Charcoal, Thread, etc)
  • Spare parts
for your existing machines
An example:
Paper Crimping Module for HAUNI Filter Maker


Free-standing paper crimping module for retrofit on existing KDF.

Reversible conversion: from tow to paper, from paper to tow: remove the AF module and plug&play the crimping unit and vice-versa.


Breathe new life to your existing asset and produce ECO-friendly paper filters with minimum investment.

for your existing machines